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the olden days

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

At Nick's behest:

[during an episode of Boothby Graffoe]

[02:10] nickm: "Tony Blair claimed to have no reverse gear. But how does he park?!!"
[02:10] nickm: John - do you see how unbelievably rubbish that is, on so many levels?
[02:11] nickm: "How does he park?"
[02:12] nickm: Blair uses an obvious bit of figurative analogy. And Graffoe then reverts to the referent. It's so clunky it beggars belief - it must be some sort of meta joke, to give it some credit, surely.
[02:12] Johnw - Evil: Finally, finally I've found the right word for what he thinks his songs are - 'Thought Provoking'.
[02:13] nickm: Indeed.
[02:14] nickm: "Blair said he didn't put all his eggs in one basket. But that can't be true, because I doubt he would put them in different baskets when he went shopping - it would be too ungainly to carry!!!"
[02:14] nickm: See, I can do it too.

[02:29] nickm: The joke was "I took my camera into the chemist to have the film processed. The lady at the counter was very rude. She said 'there's only one photograph', and I said 'I know how to use a single use camera.'"
[02:30] nickm: Boom tish.
[02:30] nickm: Read that one liner and marvel.
[02:30] Johnw - Evil: Really? THAT was the joke? I'm very proud of my inability to hear it
[02:31] nickm: But think on it: this man is being given 30 minutes of precious airtime on a national radio station every week, and is being paid for his efforts. It is astonishing.
[02:31] nickm: That was the joke.
[02:31] Johnw - Evil: maybe we should have him killed
[02:31] nickm: In fact, hold on. I want to literally transcribe it.. I don't want to be defaming him.
[02:32] nickm: Ok. Ready?
[02:33] nickm: "I went to the chemist the other day"
[02:34] nickm: "And umm. and uh.. the women in the chemist was very rude"
[02:35] nickm: "I went to get me photographs and she said 'there's only one photograph' and I said 'I know how to use a single use [pronounced the same] camera' "
[02:35] nickm: Audience laughs.
[02:35] Johnw - Evil: kill audience
[02:36] nickm: I went into the chemist to get me photographS.
[02:36] nickm: Plural.
[02:36] nickm: So he lies about the joke at its beginning.
[02:36] nickm: Sloppy, lazy writing.
[02:36] nickm: 'writing' 8:35 pm [+]

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