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the olden days

Saturday, June 12, 2004

This is the new dawn.

Change is good. Apart from copper coins, which are bad.

I have a new home, far from this corporate city with its black smog and hideous advertising billboards.

I have a home in the clouds.

Posts that have been worth reading here or at cheesetoasties have been copied across, and filed under their proper date. All ten of them.

It's a beautiful new site, built by the lovely Richard Cobbett, just for me. And it's on Ice - the only server in the world that contains absolutely no advertising whatsoever.

So update bookmarks and the like. You wouldn't believe the amount of traffic coming to this site via the old address... Actually, you would. It's about five people a day. That's not hard to believe. I was showing off. Sorry.

Be there. 3:22 pm [+]

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