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Saturday, April 24, 2004

I have written to Radio 4's The Now Show star, MITCH BENN, alerting him to an issue that I imagine must come as quite a shock. MITCH BENN currently stars in his repeated radio series, MITCH BENN's Crimes Against Music, 6.30pm Thursdays on Radio 4. His crazy combination of stand up banter and music spoofery is a magical mix that leads to almost as many as one jokes an episode. You can hear this by visiting Radio 4's Listen Again pages, or alternatively, why not visit his website as linked to above. The website helpfully puts the punchlines to jokes in CAPITAL LETTERS, thus making them even easier to get.




I am concerned that the band They Might Be Giants may have been stealing some of your tunes, almost note for note. Thought you might want to know that they are sinking so low as to rip you off rather than write their own music.

See you on BBC Three soon.



I will keep you posted as to his reply, and the shock he will feel when he realises that the song "I Palindrome I" by They Might Be Giants uses the very same tune as he does for one of his comedy singsongs.

Perhaps They Might Be Giants were hoping that the sort of people who listen to They Might Be Giants would not also listen to MITCH BENN's Crimes Against Music, and therefore never notice that they are pathetic, talentless cretins who use other people's work without offering credit. I just hope that my small effort can put at least a small part of this right. 2:20 am [+]

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